Monday, 8 August 2011

Meeting with eRaUI Developer


Eamonn and myself met today for around 3hours to discuss and kick off eRaUI JISC project.In this meeting we went through the bid document and discussed and shared the understanding of the aim and each of the objectives of the eRaUI project.

We also set some tasks and deliverables for August 2011:
1. Eamonn will develop in a week a detailed Gnatt chart for each of the workpackages updating the dates from within August 2011 till March 2011 (One week).
2. Sart developing the project plan according to JISC project plan guide and also Ben's e-mail for the blog (one Months)
3. Introduce Eamonn to NaCTeM team so they can discuss ways of collabarating with them and also discuss the possibilities of how to integrate eRaUI and NaCTeM. Eamonn may travel to NaCTeM team in Manchester if that is required.
4. Start prototyping eRaUI interface reflecting the different objectives of the project and also accessing related research papers on machine learning and content based retrieval and also browse through open source codes such as Taverna, Kartoo, etc...



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