Friday, 2 December 2011

WP 2 Meeting - December 2nd 2011

On the 2nd December 2011 Farhi and Eamonn met to discuss progress within Work Package 2 and to discuss targets which have been achieved as well as set milestones for the upcoming weeks.

First of all, here are WP2 Work package deliverables which have been achieved already:

  1. Implementation of the eRaUI widget (Portable Content Search Widget) in such a way that it is portable and deployable upon any web application or interface. The widget enables content search which intelligently adapts to the content of the interface on which it is deployed.
  2. Implementation of click / mouse movement heat maps which provide rich analytics based upon users' interaction with the interface upon which eRaUI is deployed.
  3. Implementation of user Ontology, a catalogue of keywords and strings which are matched to weightings that indicate their relevance to the various user categories defined for the interface. The nearest neighbour algorithm is used in conjunction with this to determine the categories of new users.
  4. Text Mining which filters user selection from the e-Research tool services has been implemented at the point of data collection, which occurs in real-time.
  5. Implementation of the Machine Learning-Nearest Neighbour- algorithms within eRaUI - so as to match users' patterns of behaviour to categories as defined in the site category meta-dictionary.

The following WP2 deliverables have yet to be achieved; they have been enumerated below along with their respective deadlines:

  1. Breadth Search - featuring the use of window panes so as to allow users to preview other relevant e-Research tool services related to those he / she searched for. We intend to implement this before the middle of January 2012.
  2. Workflow Capabilities - We intend to implement a means by which we can guide users between content using workflow-based logic. We aim to have this completed by the middle of January 2012.

We also discussed the possibility of implementing a separate meta-explorer interface which would be separate from the eRaUI widget and based upon the data collected within the analytics and text-mining components of the software.

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