Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Technical Meeting - 6th October WP1: Project management & Dissemination

On the 6th October 2011 Farhi (leader of WP1 & WP2) & Eamonn met to discuss progress of WP1 progress.

• Farhi informed Eamonn that there will separate weekly WP meeting involving at least the leader of WP and the research associate. Eamonn will be reporting the minutes of each WP meeting on the Blog.

• Farhi & Eamonn will prepare the first presentation (out of three planned during the next two months) to FoC seminar on the 2nd of November to get feedback from the faculty researchers on two WP2 functionalities: implementation of some machine learning algorithms to model user behaviour and content and collaborative techniques to support the user in his/her search.

• Farhi reported that some parts of eRAUI work packages are given as a coursework to his MSc Software Engineering students taking the module CPP103N (Large Scale OODB Software Development). These students are currently working upon aspects of eRaUI from within a software engineering context.

• Farhi & Eamonn also discussed about the organisation of the first steering committee meeting and it was decided the meeting will be happening at the end of November or the beginning of December 2011. In this meeting eRaUI team will be reporting on the progress of each WP and demonstrating the first eRaUI prototype to get feedback from the steering committee.

We discussed the proposed implementation of an ontology of terms which would be used to match commonly searched for keywords and the anchor text of links to levels of user expertise. Since the anchor text of links clicked on within NaCTeM are recorded automatically in the back-end database, these can be stored in a dictionary which an administrator can then clasify according to expertise level. This will facilitate the classification of users, for instance, into novice, expert and PhD level.

We also discussed making it so that the users level of expertise is not explicitly alterable from within the interface of the eRaUI widget - instead a system of internal classification - viz. that of of the ontology mentioned above shall be used instead.

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