Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Technical Meeting - WP4 – Notes for blog – Meeting with Yanguo Jing on 10th October 2011

In terms of test and evaluation, we discussed the user of PhD students, researchers in or outside of Londonmet. JISC may help to recommend people in the NaCTeM community who may want to participate in the evaluation. We also discuss the measurements need to be established and to be used to measure the effectiveness of eRaUI. A comparative evaluation study will be carried out to evaluate the usefulness of eRaUI. We discussed also the means by which eRaUI has been tailored for easy integration with any website by means of adding a single line of code. Thus we have ensured that integration is considered right from the outset of the project.

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  1. Thank you for your regular updates on progress and discussions - this is really useful. In terms of recommending members of the NaCTeM community, speaking to Bill and Sophia at Manchester might be an easier way. If you want at a later stage you want to involve other interested parties I would be happy to point people your way.