Monday, 17 October 2011

WP3 – Meeting with Sahithi Siva on 12th October 2011

On the 12th October 2011 Eamonn and Sahithi met to discuss the progress on Work Package 3. We discussed the means by which we can generate different scenarios for the use of eRaUI, viz.

  • · Highlighting and greying of page elements in relation to relevance to user level
  • · Search results displayed within the widget.
  • · Administrator intervention to guide the user remotely
  • · A combination of the above facilities

We agreed that it is important to define the visual aspects of the user interface of eRaUI. Primarily, we agree that the widget will occupy the right-hand space of any page upon which it is deployed while the existing page content (i.e. a copy of the nactem site in its current form) will reside on the left-hand side.

We also plan this week to generate scenario screens for different uses of eRaUI.

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