Wednesday, 2 November 2011

eRaUI FoC Seminar - 2nd Nov 2011

On the 2nd of November we gave our first seminar demonstrating the concept and software of eRaUI for an audience of around 30 professors, students and staff from London Metropolitan University. This gave us an opportunity to gain useful feedback as to the current concept of eRaUI and to unveil some of the features we have been working on for the past weeks.

First Farhi Marir gave a slide presentation outlining the concept of eRaUI along with screenshots of the widget and administrative interface. After this we proceeded to a technical demonstration of most of the currently working aspects of eRaUI, including the analytics (recordings, heatmaps etc.) and the widget. We also included a live demonstration of eRaUI inviting members of the audience to connect to the NaCTeM website using their smartphones so as to monitor their activity. We saw a demonstration of the 'live chat' aspect of eRaUI in this way, with members of the audience sending and receiving messages via the widget.

The seminar gave us the opportunity to gauge overall interest in the project which has been on the whole overwhelmingly positive. We were also able to field some interesting questions and suggestions from members of the audience. A particularly interesting question considered the feasibility of making eRaUI accessible to users via any website. This is indeed technically feasible using a browser extension or toolbar although it raises some obvious privacy concerns because of the nature of the data collected.

There have been no weekly meetings for two weeks due to preparations for this seminar and work to complete the initial eRaUI prototype. After the seminar the eRaUI team met to discuss the feedback received during the seminar and to consider ways in which we shall progress. It has been established that we shall attempt to consolidate our WP2 goals by the introduction of Nearest Neighbour algorithms and data mining techniques to match users to the the content they require.

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