Thursday, 10 November 2011

Work Packages 1 and 2 - Meeting

Today (10th November) Farhi and Eamonn met to discuss Work Package 1 and 2 deliverables and progress. Primarily our conversation centered on the following two areas:
  • Configuration of the university server to host the NaCTeM codebase. Difficulties have been encountered in enabling PHP short tags so as to allow the current codebase to execute correctly. This problem has now been resolved and the code is running according to expectations.
  • Implementation of nearest neighbour algorithms within eRaUI in order to classify users into the correct level. Work has been done on this already, and we decided that we should store in the database a historical record of users matched to url clicks and categories. This can be used to generate a case-base which will then be used to categorise users as novice, student, expert etc.
We have also proposed a test plan for the eRaUI widget (see previous blog post) which forms a component of our WP4 deliverables.

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