Monday, 2 January 2012

Work Package 2 Meeting - Wed 14th Dec 2011

On Wednesday 14th December 2011 Eamonn and Farhi met to discuss work package 2 deliverables, progress and targets. We discussed the following points:

  • 1 - Assimilation of current eRaUI systems with the university server. This has been partially completed, however problems remain due to the fact that the server has to be able to run certain custom softwares and functions which are not available / practicable on a server which is also used as a shared PHP hosting environment. We may need to consider utilising a dedicated or virtual Windows machine in order to facilitate the transfer of eRaUI to the university's equipment.

  • 2- Utilisation of ACA software. In order to generate heatmaps on the server side as jpg images (rather than the previous client-side rendering via javascript) it has been agreed that we shall have to purchase a copy of ACA Web ActiveX. Generating heatmaps as complete images on the server offers several advantages over client side generation.
  • 3- Implementation of Window Panes for presenting users with information. This has been partially implemented - previews of links are now generated and relayed to the user within boxes, making it simple for them to determine the nature of content before they click through to it.
  • 4- Further development of Window Panes - we would like to develop Window Panes further in such a way that users are presented with information related to search terms entered (matched via synonym ontology) and the related links are presented in a series of window panes which are then navigable in a way which is analogous to the mechanism of a typical windows-based operating system (e.g. panes can be closed, moved and resized).
  • 5- We also agreed that the search box needs to allow for the entry of free search text.

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