Monday, 2 January 2012

Work Package 4 Testing - Analysis

On 28th November we were able to use the help of 4 MSc computing students in order to help us with testing the current eRaUI prototype and gaining an insight into the efficacy of the navigational mechanisms and features which have thus far been implemented. While the testing generated quite a large volume of data - here are some of the key insights which have been gleaned from analysing this data:

  • Testers were 22.5% more likely to complete tasks within the specified 3min time frame when using the widget as opposed to using the version of the website without the widget. This would suggest that eRaUI is an effective aid in helping users to complete the tasks set out.

  • Some testers found that there were problems with certain features, particularly the free text search box and the live chat box.

  • Testers unanimously found the suggestion links to be a very helpful feature in terms of guiding them to the content or tools required to complete the tasks set out.

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