Monday, 23 January 2012

WP2 Meeting - 16th January 2012

Eamonn and Farhi met on 16th January 2012 to discuss WP2 progress within eRaUI. We can now see that we have achieved most of the goals which were enumerated in December. These are:

1) Set up of the web server - this has now been arranged although the migration is yet to take place.

2) Generation of heatmaps on the server side - this has now been achieved with the help of ACA systems software. Server side heatmap generation is better because it is more consistent across browsers, and far faster and more accurate than client-side rendering.

3) Thumbnail previews - these have been implemented also - with the help of ACA software. We have furthermore introduced interactive window panes.

Points 4 and 5 have also been achieved by means of introducing interactive window panes and previews.

We furthermore require and adminstrator-based synonym ontology, which will assist in the linking of Window Panes.

The current priority is to produce an introductory commented video of eRaUI in action, to demonstrate at the forthcoming JISC conference in Birmingham.

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